Volunteer & Help Grow a Forest: Sadhana Forest, India!

A Short Video Introduction to Sadhana Forest: Sadhana Forest is a noble initiative near the Integrated Township – Auroville & Pondicherry, South India where thousands of volunteers from around the world are trying to (re)build a tropical dry evergreen forest by planting trees native to the region, and by recharging the water table of the region, on a land that was almost barren a few years ago. The great news is: You can also help them by volunteering!

Tsunamika Doll: Hope & Help for Victims of Tsunami

Tsunamika doll is a cute little doll made of discarded textile material, conceptualized by Upasana (Auroville). It is being made mostly by the victims of the 2004 Tsunami, near Pondicherry. The doll cannot be bought or sold by anyone, it can only be gifted to others. I attended a presentation by Uma Prajapati of Upasana who conceptualized this idea, and has been executing it successfully. It seems Tsunamika doll has traveled to 120 countries and touched more than 5,00,000 lives.

Diabetics Dezire – Sweets for Diabetics Patients!

When I came across a sweets shop named Diabetics Dezire, I got curious and thought why not check it out, especially when it’s near my area in Blue Star, Anna Nagar. It seems that the sweets sold here can indeed be eaten by diabetics patients as they don’t use sugar, but instead use a natural sugar substitute which is a low gycemic product. More info on this here.

Melbourne is a good Tourist option for Animal Lovers

I hate to see animals locked inside a cage. As in zoos. That’s why I admire the cities, communities, and Government authorities that do animal tourism the responsible/right way: Letting animals stay in their natural environment, and enabling humans to visit them without disturbing their activities in any way. Melbourne, Australia, seems to have got that spot-on. I think this city is a good tourist option for animal lovers. Just have a look at two of their flagship tourism initiatives: