Do you have a designer bookshelf?

  Unique Furniture Designs by Preetham Interior Designer Most bookshelves I see are pretty boring. Rarely, books get their own bookshelves — a rectangular wooden box with compartments and glass doors. Otherwise they are kept on the shelves in the wall, especially when there is nothing else to go into it. Of course, books are also kept in showcases or in TV stand shelves, mostly as an afterthought, once people have stuffed it with all their beautiful dolls and kids’ paintings. The bookshelf in my house is inside a closed shelf in my room — so we don’t even have […]

Do you Need a Horn to Drive on *Chaotic* Indian Roads? NO!!

The easiest thing there is, is to assume. When you talk to people, especially about driving on *chaotic* Indian roads, they’ll tell you stories and stories about how the most important component of your bike/car is the HORN. Now let me tell you something. It’s not. I have been driving on the same *chaotic* Indian roads — in two bikes, three cities, for over 8 years — without a horn and I am doing very fine.

One Asia Project: Oneness through Cultural Exchanges

Message from Wang Xin Xin, a Taiwanese artist, for the One Asia Project: One Asia Project The ONE ASIA project started in Auroville, India, in 2010 with the aim of presenting Asia’s cultural richness and profound spirituality to the world via Cultural exchanges among artists from Asian countries.  Since 2010, a number of musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists, tea ceremony masters, martial artists, Sufi & Zen practitioners and flower-arrangement artists from different Asian countries have participated in the ONE ASIA project. We aspire to bring together more of these artistes practicing traditional culture in order to co-create, with their input, a […]

A Business Idea for Government: Address Proof

If you look at the number of people who have cried their hearts out in this post (including me), you’ll realize how difficult it is to get a proper address proof and identity proof from the Government, in India. Instead of making so many people suffer, why can’t the Government take this as an opportunity to generate some revenue, and speedily verify and provide an identity cum address proof?

CBC BLOG TAG-2: Mogappair as the Twin City of Chennai!

There are a few twin cities in South India. Cochin – Trivandrum Hyderabad – Secunderabad Bangalore – Mysore Coimbatore – Palakkad Mumbai – Pune, etc. But, Chennai – ??? That’s why I propose that Mogappair (currently a sub-urban area of Chennai where I live) be developed as a twin city of Chennai 🙂 I know what you are thinking – Mogappair is such a small area –  then how can this area be developed into a twin city, that too for Chennai?