Classical Fusion Music – The way forward?

[youtube=] The above song ‘Taaye yeshoda’ from the movie ‘Morning Raaga’ is one of the best Classical/Carnatic fusion songs that I have heard till now. The first fusion song I heard was ‘Krishna Nee Begane’ by Colonial Cousins. That was a brilliant fusion of western and classical. I have always wondered why there have not been many fusion songs after that. Carnatic/classical music has never appealed to me earlier, and I thought it was boring, when I was young. But of late, I seem to love music with a classical touch in them – which makes me wonder if age/circumstances […]

Fast Furious and Danceable Songs

This is a musical Tag. Last time, we did the Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs. This time, we will do Fast Furious and Danceable Songs. Anyone who is tagged needs to mention their top five favourite songs (minimum) in their blog (Or you can also do the tag by listing the songs in this comments section, if you don’t want to do a post on this topic). But all the five songs need to be of a certain genre – this time the songs need to be Fast, Furious and Danceable. The songs can be in any language, and it […]

Ich Will

[youtube=] Rammstein is a music band in Germany, which comes out with songs and music videos with a sinister touch. Sometimes they mock, sometimes they make fun of people, sometimes they show the irony of things, sometimes they are just bad boys! In the words of their makers – “I think the best part is the bad boy feeling we get across. It is inside us, and it shows too” In this music album of theirs, “Ich will” which means “I want”, they act as a music band that wants publicity by robbing a bank. In the words of their […]

Top 10 Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs

As mentioned in the previous post Best of Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs(Songs 20 – 11), please go ahead only if you can spend around one hour for pure enjoyment listening to some of the best songs from around the world. And as mentioned in the earlier post, this selection is based on a theme – Love at first hearing, and hence I have not included the songs from popular languages like English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. I want this to be a Love at first hearing experience to you too. This is a result of a Tag on Slow […]

Best of Slow Melodious and Soulful songs – Songs 20 to 11

Please go ahead only if you can spend one hour for pure enjoyment listening to some of the best songs from across the world. This is a result of the Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs Tag which was done recently by many of you. Since I had listened to most of the songs (by bloggers whom I had tagged directly) and also some more bloggers who were tagged by them (I was not able to track this part fully though). Love at first hearing: Just like love at first sight, there were some songs that I loved the very first time […]

Slow Melodious and Soulful Songs

Many years back, I happened to hear this song from the movie Geetanjali (Telugu) – Aamani Paadave Koyilaa. I liked it so much. So, I decided to buy a cassette. But I didn’t get the Telugu version and ended up buying the Tamil version of the same movie -Idhayathai Thirudathe. For some reason, the magic that was there in the Telugu version was not there in the dubbed Tamil version, even though the songs were great, no doubt! At that time getting the songs we like was quite difficult. But now, anything and everything is just a click away from […]