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    Kamal’s Next Movie: Thoongavanam (Amazing Trailer)

    Thoongavanam is Kamal’s next movie, releasing shortly — probably within a month or so. It stars Kamal Hassan, Trisha, Prakash Raj and Yugi Sethu. From the trailer, you can say it’s a crime thriller. Let’s hope it’s different and as good as it is portrayed in the trailer. This movie will be released in Tamil and Telugu (as Cheekati Rajyam). It has been directed by Kamal’s former assistant, Rajesh M. Selva. It seems, the filming was finished in 38 days! After Kamal Hassan’s wonderful performance in Drishyam, I am eagerly waiting for this movie. Hope it will be released without controversy — good movies don’t need it anyway 🙂 Everyone…

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    My next Movie: Masala Padam

    Masala Padam is a Tamil movie releasing this Friday, October 09, ’15. Based on the above embedded trailer, which is quite impressive and well edited, I am planning to watch the movie first day first show. I don’t have huge expectations, but since Shiva is there, I hope there will be some comedy in addition to all the ‘Masala’. It seems, Lakshmi Devy, the heroine of this movie, has also written the script. Let’s see how good it is – I will review it on this blog once I come back. Destination Infinity

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    Kirumi Movie Review ~ நீ உன்னை காக்க பணிந்தால் தவறில்லை

    Kirumi Tamil Movie Trailer:   Kirumi is a Tamil movie directed by Anucharan starring Kathir and Reshmi Menon. I saw this movie first day first show @ Sri Ganga Cinemas, Kolathur, today. Theme: நீ உன்னை காக்க பணிந்தால் தவறில்லை. Movie review: Realistic crime drama with normal people, and that makes it a bit uninspiring. பட விமரிசனம்: உண்மைய சொலிருக்காங்க, ஆனா இன்னும் சுவாரசியமா சொல்லிருக்கலாம்.

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    Thani Oruvan: 10 Things I Didn’t Like about this Movie

    Trailer: Since countless number of people have written great reviews about this movie before me, I want my review to be different — that’s why this attempt to write about what I didn’t like about this Tamil *super hit* movie: Thani Oruvan. Disclaimer: Of course this is a very good movie and I liked it very much. But there were some issues that need to be highlighted: ***Spoilers ahead***